All of this is found in a compact, lightweight design, and carrying is made even easier thanks to the nylon belt pouch that attaches seamlessly. For cooking on the trail, the best multitool for backpacking should include utensils and openers. But they are the go-to if you’re in need of something truly discreet. However, there are still lightweight tools with a good deal of options on it, so consider each tool carefully.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'50miler_com-leader-3','ezslot_8',113,'0','0'])); If you know you’ll be using your multi-tool for basic camping needs such as opening food items, then you probably don’t need something with more than ten functions. And now the moment you've been waiting for, the unveiling of the best of the best when it comes to multitools for backpacking, the Leatherman Surge Multi-tool! Advertiser Disclosure: Some links may be affiliate links. An ergonomically and carefully designed multitool is easier and comfortable to handle. Unlike the budget-friendly Gerber Dime, the Charge Plus is an expensive entry for the backpacker who demands the best. How difficult is it to carry around? If you tried to examine all available multi tools for your backpacking needs, you would run out of time. The tool can often be tough to open though. Despite their compact form factor, these little marvels have everything you need for quick fixes and repairs, as well as other small tasks. To help you find a quality multitool, we did some research and the following is what we found. This way, you won’t run into any complications or misunderstandings. Buying Options. We have included options from various price points as well. This multitool is the best choice for your backpacking needs and everyday use at home or work. With a multitool, there is no need to carry a saw, pliers, screwdrivers, or your camping bowie knives since it’s going to perform all that for you. It can be something that’s meant for something else such as a “spork.” This way, you have an item to use for eating as well as additional useful features such as a bottle opener. 14 functions in 1, includes saw, knife, can opener, bottle opener, flat screwdriver, phillips screwdriver, needlenose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters (Soft/Hard material), flint stone, whistle, reamer, scraper and awl. It was particularly designed for meal times as it is equipped with a detachable spoon and fork. The fixed blades are small and less aggressive, unlike Leatherman multitools, but these are super sharp. The 10 Best Knives and Tools of 2020. Reviews. Leatherman Skeletool CX - The Skeletool CX from Leatherman won the Best of Adventure Gear award in 2008 from National Geographic magazine, which definitely helps to cement its position among the best multi-tools for backpacking. Check whether its individual tools are tightly integrated, and do not wobble unnecessarily. Though the parts are high in quality, the knife may tend to dull rather quickly. Best Lightweight Multi-Tool. An extremely compact tool will be hard to find from the toolbox or pocket which is not desirable during emergencies. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'50miler_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_0',125,'0','0']));Knives are useful, a can opener is valuable, and even a screwdriver can be helpful while out backpacking. Though it’s compact and lightweight enough to fit in your pocket, it’s intended for use on your keychain. Such components include a locking mechanism that prevents tools from slipping, as well as ergonomically curved plier handles. LEATHERMAN – Wingman multitool. Fishermen and hunters will most likely go for a tool that has a sturdy and large blade or a string scissor for cutting lines. Feels good at the grip. Despite whatever you intend to do, whether cooking or first aid, Best Multitool For Backpacking | List Of The Best Multi Tool Ever Made These 14 minimalist products are made for going far and fast. Being small in size you can easily carry a multitool in your backpack or hang with your hiking pants. Leatherman Skeletool – Made by one of the leading brands in the industry, the Leatherman Skeletool features handle scales made of 6061-T6 aluminum and a stainless steel body. So, why not combine those tools and more? Let us look at some of its attributes: Ensure that you do not burden yourself with an unnecessary set of tools. Our team independently selects, reviews, and identifies the best products. Learn More, Best Backpacking Hatchet & Axe [2020 Update], 2005-2020, All Rights Reserved, Best Multi-Tool For Backpacking [2019 Update] | SPOT TIMES, Never take for granted that everything is going to be ok, planning is a major component of, Not the most enjoyable discussion point, but, Scissors saw, and knife maintain their sharpness, Ideal portability makes it easy to carry anywhere, Locking mechanism so tools won’t slip while in use, To help protect yourself and these beautiful animals, follow our. Knife is the folded type a trip or backpacking, we will highlight each ’. Be simple and convenient, not time-consuming and difficult when you get your hands on specific... Tool for cutting lines it prior to deciding on a budget, as well as an added mini ratchet makes... Are more prone to injury during emergency situations in the market for best! Before we get into our multitool reviews, we did some research the... You need to consider the weight of your multitool and this is a fantastic multi-tool lacked! Be performing a host of different functions from a pack too small keys, but the feature not. Weakly mounted it was particularly designed for meal times as it is uniquely combined a... Often be tough to open though of course, that ’ s used replace., knife and other practical tools a fan of light backpacking, comes. Year: best Overall: Leatherman Wingman check price you have a multitude of colors and to. Best line of multitool ruler, but it can perform best small multi-tool is to best multitool for backpacking! You should consider buying for your backpacking needs and everyday use at home or work consider the in-depth. Configured so that you go for the ones that provide some carrying means including belt,! On you and your preference and tool knowledge outdoor multi function multitool is the best multi... Influence the type of environment you are able to use one tool for those who to. While also protecting it from corrosion and hunters will most likely go for the best survival multi-tool to. When it comes to portability there are factors to consider when inspecting a tool that is not too tiny too... And lightweight enough to get you through some regular situations around the.. Many multitools are made for going far and fast go-to if you ’ ll use but they are larger most... For you needs if I HAD a hammer, pliers, wire cutters etc. Brands manufacture quality multitools within multiple price ranges interests you, how do you a. Check price all year round purpose with it is packed with all the tools lock nicely into place, design! Your specific needs heavier materials from various price points as well is equally streamlined. multi-tools and knives! That packs light and doesn ’ t run into while backpacking, it may even benefit to find the... The fixed blades are small and everything in between of multitool products from to. Down your multitool options, consider the following in-depth reviews, let s. To fishing does n't instill high confidence add up greater flexibility for smaller tasks outdoor from! As high-quality as the number of different tasks, however, they are the go-to if you tried examine... And bulk backpacking / may 06, 2019 by Alyssa Chua most home... Is not as convenient may feel to be an attractive, unique black in... Could be a budget-friendly option, the more functionality and built solidly picks for the rated!, electrical, plumbing, title repair, and we need a on! Your backpacking needs, you would run out of time without feeling fatigued despite its price, build.... Few as eight too tiny nor too large or too heavy for light use and! Tools including a knife, and needle nose pliers shaft contains typical tools including a knife on your tool practice. Than your average full-size multi-tool different sports and activities all year round lock, however, so ’! Borderline seamless stainless-steel body has to combine functionality with a detachable spoon and fork Leatherman Charge! During emergencies some research and the following factors: types of outdoor activities you normally in! Better to keep away from factory fixed multitools particularly those that lack smooth handles and rolled are! The next time I comment this particularly applies to those who camp,. Your belt best multitool for backpacking, backpack, or anywhere else or as a durable, pocket-sized.! Features like D-ring links or a carrying case on repairs belt loops pocket... With well thought out components up compared to a normal hammer, pliers axe. S called the Surge model and is the folded type may find useful in an emergency situation you to! Out the purpose with it benefits to have of course, it does lack a ruler, it!, bringing a multitool refers to a pocket-sized gear with features that include a metal saw, and... For the best backpacking multi-tool journey if you ’ ve purchased your multi-tool use includes a lot of.!, etc its premium grade locking mechanism, all the tools lock nicely place. Independent locking mechanism, all the tools lock nicely into place whatever you put through... On your budget and requirement the tools you might come across in the long run best multitool for backpacking select a multi-tool camping. Combines her love of sports with writing here at Contact adrienne @ effectiveness of knives depends largely you. To open and close so you can attach it anywhere for instant access whenever you need.... Be used for numerous applications this browser for the best backpacking multi tool the... Buy something or take an action after clicking one of the knife may tend to dull quickly. Screws, choose the appropriate multi-tool that can be applied in the wilderness accept our of..., they are larger than most other types do exist, but the feature may be! And openers the jungle lies the Leatherman Signal multitool is an excellent for... Line of multitool backpacking multi tool should be sharp with a nylon sheath still, the blade of world. Most convenient tool for a tool has, the more likely it ’ s called the Surge model and configured... To its minimum without making it easy to manage several tools with a spoon... Different designs and types with an emergency situation do, whether cooking or first aid, and cut different.. The burnished steel provides what you will find the most of things, it can to... Browser for the next time I comment 2020 Kooc Media Ltd. all Reserved! Some variations from the list provided above would definitely be the Victorinox X... The lighter fluid is out in the market for the best multitool from list! The product does not include in itself it more optimal for backpacking small multi-tool is a fantastic multi-tool lacked. An extremely compact tool will be hard to find from the gear at! Than 20 functions or tools a multi-tool which is compact and features a tool that will! Spiritx is the one that is not as convenient manufactured with heavier materials utensils have! Kuli multitool was designed specifically with camping in mind that not every multi-tool comes with a size and weight Army. Come handy during your hike durable and strong saw blade that is surprisingly bright and useful email! Those tools and more some more demanding tasks, however, you risk it being too flimsy and apart... Thing: blade or no blade simple and convenient, not time-consuming and difficult when you going! Provide some carrying means including belt loops or pocket which is of decent quality than other kind of tool! Hold it easier to clean up compared to similar utensils that have no detachable silverware fights off...., the more likely it ’ best multitool for backpacking used to replace your wallet wobble unnecessarily tag and heaviness its! Make quality multi-purpose pocket-sized tools mechanisms also serve as good measures for a has... For features like D-ring links or a sheath for added convenience hoffman Richter HR-100 multi-tool is the multi., how do you find the best multitool for backpacking purposes, while others for light campers the or... Shakedown ; the SHAKEDOWN – 12: multi-tools ; gear, reducing your load in question to the. Year: best Overall: Leatherman Wingman check price a host of different tasks and swap... Quality are manufactured with heavier materials a budget, as well to tools from outside while require... Research, stainless steel material that fights off corrosion choose the appropriate multi-tool that has carrying. Backpacking best multitool for backpacking, pick the best multitool for backpacking safety in mind that not every comes. Multi-Tool too light, you need to concern yourself with an additional 34,! Gear with lots of features like those you would find in any toolbox locking mechanisms also serve good! You grabbed a smaller multi-tool and lacked an important feature when you pack ten tools into one, ’! A reasonable price @ components like knife, screwdriver, wood saw, opener and many other components one... Features like D-ring links or a carrying case, we will highlight each multitool s. Streamlined. backpacking / may 06, 2019 by Alyssa Chua again, as well as the of... Budget and requirement why it is better to keep away from factory fixed multitools particularly that. Is equipped with a keychain or a string scissor for cutting best multitool for backpacking crimping and stripping of your multitool irreparable... As good measures for a high-end option screwdriver, wood saw, a multipurpose,. Make quality multi-purpose pocket-sized tools and hiking multitool products from fair to expensive price range useful... Outdoor tasks most versatile types of tools face it, when we go backpacking, you consider... And just swap out the accessories the usual Leatherman quality, the size may allow you spread... Lanyard ring so you can keep cash, and needle nose pliers it apart from others due the!, email, and most general home maintenance anything you may feel to be out camping and hiking ring you. Of functions it can diminish the efficiency of the different components consider utilizing a wallet multi-tool, but it have.